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Freelance mobile app developers in South Africa

We are the biggest freelance Website and App developers in South Africa. We help organisations that cannot afford to hire a software company to migrate or digitize their business to get more sales and improve productivity.

Let us help you grow your business

 We understand that in order to grow your business and increase sales, you need to have the ability to reach a wider range of audience. And below are the three ways we can help achieve that. 

iOS Apps

iOS is the second most popular mobile app platform in South Africa. It makes up for 20% of the market share of mobile app operating system. And we are expects at building apps for iOS.

Android Apps

Android is the leading mobile application operating system in South Africa. We have over 7 years of experience building for the android platform.

Web Design

Having an active website is important even for small, local businesses. According to a study done by Nielsen, 85 percent of consumers use the internet to find a local business. Without a business web design, these customers may not even be able to contact or locate the business.

App developers in south africa

Building a mobile application can be quite costly, especially when doing it through a software company. Salaries have to be paid, for even those that are not involve in building the app. But we don’t have such responsibilities, and that means we won’t ask you to pay half the amount you would’ve paid to a software company.

Our prices

This is the minimum amount you are expect to pay



50 percent deposit

Website design

Website development

3 days minimum delivery

Domain purchase assistance

Hosting assistance

Android or iOS App


30 percent deposit

App design & development

SQLite Database

No Restful API

App store

App prototype

Cross plaform App


50 percent deposit

iOS & Android App

App store and iStore

SQLite Database

App design & prototype

Not include RestFul Api

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